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Click on the February Edition of our Snyder Pools News to catch up on the latest happenings!

We hope everyone is enjoying their winter thus far! We may be in our “off season” for swimming pools, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t diligent in preparing our retail store for the quickly approaching summer season.
It is important for us to stay ahead of the curve and we do so by attending swimming pool and hot tub conferences and seminars. While there, we discuss with our industry partners any new and innovative products, any advancements to their existing ones, and ask questions we receive from all of you. Our sales associates have had the opportunity to take pertinent educational seminars to advance their knowledge of our top of the line products to better assist you in our retail store.
We are now scheduling swimming pool openings and spring services! Visit our website to read our Spring Newsletter in its entirety.
Please refer to our social media outlets and websites to stay up to date on any winter weather store closures.