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Lose Weight While Relaxing in your Hot Tub!

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Hot Tub

Spas and Hot Tubs…Can you lose weight in them?

Fat, no. But you sweat in a hot tub. You just don’t notice because you are in the water. So any weight loss is water weight.

We recommend for the Best Hot Tub on the Market for Weight loss (a Nordic of course), the temperature setting should not be above 105 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are drinking beverages in the tub, the net is zero – as far as water weight.

If those beverages have carbs – a definite no.


Aqua aerobics in a pool has of late become a popular way to try to lose weight. But in a hot tub is even a better way to lose weight. Pools are good, but the hot tub provides some things that the pools do not.

There are systems that allow aqua aerobics in the hot tubs. With these systems, people have more weight loss because of the temperature of the water. A hotter water temperature allowed for them to lose weight more easily. The jets in the hot tub provided additional resistances, and may therefore result in more weight loss.

Be prudent and consult your doctor. Higher temperatures in hot tubs may not be the best situation for some people. Be sure that you are never overdoing it, and you are doing what is recommended by your doctor. As long as it is done correctly, it is something that could benefit.