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Above Ground Pools by Snyder Pools

When it comes to buying an above ground pool you want to get the best of both worlds; affordability and long lasting.

With our top of the line above ground pools you will get just that,  our Radiant Metric Series is an affordable option to having inground pool options in an above ground pool.  Radiant takes the worry out of purchasing your backyard getaway with a lifetime/ full winter damage warranty. Our Fantacy pool is built to be stylish with an everlasting aluminum structure,  along with the guarantee of a lifetime warranty. Finding an above ground pool that offers affordability and an elegant appearance is in our Distinction LX model. Our incredible priced above ground pools start at $3,350.

Ovation Fantasy

The power of aluminum in a value-priced package

Distinction LX

When technology and design meet

Radiant Metric Series

Radiant is truly the smartest backyard investment.



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